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      Alan LevyAlan Levy commented  · 

      I posted this on Facebook a few days ago. Worth posting here, as well. Godspeed, Paul.

      Alan Levy

      I live in a political wasteland.

      As a conservative with specific beliefs, I was repulsed by another potential tenure in the White House by the Clintons and was leaning toward Mr. Trump until he issued a commentary about Senator John McCain last year. Mr. Trump stated that McCain was no hero and that the true heroes in war are those who continue to fight and avoid capture.

      Tell that to the families of the thousands who died during the infamous Bataan Death March, by the way.

      Yes, Senator McCain was captured by the North Vietnamese, but he somehow managed to endure six years in captivity and survived. That alone is an heroic act, and to single this man out is particularly disgusting, especially when our now-president has led the ultimate cushy existence, in large part allowed by those who have fought and died for this great nation. Mr. Trump would, I contend, most likely weep as a child might, in the event the presidential potty (named that by the wife of Lyndon Johnson) runs out of hair spray, an inadequate and quite mundane torture compared to what Senator McCain endured for six long years.

      We have a child of ill temperament now running this nation, and if the observation by the co-author of "The Art of the Deal" is correct, Mr. Trump will resign his position by the end of this year. What a grand Christmas present to this nation that would be, and just as we healed after the Civil War ripped this country in two, we remained strong, and perhaps stronger for that lesson, we will steadfastly survive a toddler presidency. Other nations do not grasp that the essence of our nation is that our differences give us strength, we will lick the wounds of division incited by this absurd man and his ludicrous presidency, and we will move forward.

      I did cast a protest vote in the election, in case you're curious. I wrote in the name of a man who, in my opinion, is a highly intelligent conservative, a negotiator and leader who operates with honor and intelligence. Paul Ryan.

      Ronald Reagan was unavailable at the time I voted, as were the men of vision who conceived this nation. It was through their fiery debates and desk-pounding arguments that this nation was cast, and it will be through the current inferno of divisiveness that we will survive once again.

      And again and again, if necessary.

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