What is my influence score? How Influential Are You?

How Influential Are You?


Are you politically influential? How convincing are your political views and opinions? Have you changed anyone’s mind or encouraged them to participate in the political process? Countable is thrilled to introduce a new feature that can help you easily track how much weight your votes and legislative opinions wield: Influencer Scores


What’s an Influencer Score? 

Influencer Scores tell you, in relative terms, the impact of your votes and opinions compared to other members and organizations in the Countable community. We built Influencer Scores into public profiles, so they’ll automatically generate and change as you vote on legislation and author more opinions. 

What do Influencer Scores look like?

Influencer Scores are rings of various colors that appear around your profile picture. They grow in size and change color as you gain greater political influence. You’ll also see a numeric score below your profile picture that represents your influence, relative to other community members.

How do I develop my Influencer Score? 

There are a number of ways to rack up Influencer points:

  1. A Countable user follows your profile.
  2. Another person in the Countable community views your public profile and votes, either for or against, an opinion that you wrote.
  3. A community member upvotes an opinion that you’ve written on any piece of legislation.
  4. Someone who isn’t signed up for Countable member sees your profile page, submits a vote, and creates their own account. (Spoiler Alert: This action generates the most points). 

Why should I care about having an impressive Influencer Score?

If you can generate momentum around an issue that you care about by rallying others to tell their lawmakers — you can tug harder on the ears of the people making decisions on Capitol Hill. Influencer Scores can help you track that progress. 

And if that wasn’t enough of an incentive, our Editorial Team keeps tabs on the most active and influential Countable users. The higher your Influencer Score, the more likely we are to reach out to ask if we can feature your profile on the home page, share your opinions on our social media channels, and highlight your profile in our weekly newsletter. 


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