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Please go to and click on "Sign in with Facebook" or "Sign up with email". 

You will then be asked for your Zip Code (which we use to identify your Reps) and then you can click on "Send Message" to any of your Reps. 

And then you can write a message to your Reps and have it sent:

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Here's some other great ways to engage your Reps:

Tell Your Rep How to Vote
Tell your Representatives how you feel about major legislation that's coming up for a vote soon by voting "Yea" or "Nay" on the bill and then sending the message directly to your Reps.

Follow Issues That You Care About
See the legislation that matters to you. Countable tracks legislation across many issues - follow legislation by issues and stay informed.

Keep them honest
Once you've signed up, you can see how your representative's vote on legislation you care about and compare their votes to your own.  

In order to use Countable to contact your Reps you will need to create an account. This allows us to make sure that you're you and live in your Representatives district or state. Don't worry, we respect your privacy and do not share your information without your explicit consent.

Get the App
Countable is available as an app on all major mobile devices:

PS - here's a quick overview of how Countable works. Our team summarizes all major legislation before Congress into a concise and easy to understand format. You can "vote" on the bill supporting or opposing it and sending that message to your Representative automatically. 

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